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Oct 27, 2012 1:05am PDT
fellow at the academy of sciences that shot this video. when it comes to ocean research, silvia is the gold standard. and she says it is time the rest of us start paying attention. >> we are messing around with the chemistry of the planet. >> reporter: at the moments she is focusing on tiny organisms. it is a greenish single cell creature discovered by the mit professor. this glass of ocean water could willed ho billions. could hold billions. >> it contributes 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. >> reporter: an incredible one-fifth comes from this minute species, critical to life as we know it. >> it does two important things. it generates oxygen, and it takes up carbon. carbon dioxide. it trans -- transforms that to cor bow hydrates. it is -- carbohydrates. >> reporter: but the fragile ecosystem is damaged by excess carbon from cars, power plants and factories. the carbon turns the ocean more acidic making it caw corrosive to shellfish and coral. they are not sure of the affect, but silvia says we can't wait to find out. >> the trend is clear. we are losing elements that keep us
Nov 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
ranges three to four thousand dollars. >> the national academy of television arts and sciences honored a member of the abc family today, the abc-7 family. the academy inducted photographer kathy caddie into the silver circle for an amaze 30g years in the bay area television. she has covered every major news event, traveled overseas and shot many iteam reports. congratulations to you, kathy. >> we had some wonderful weather today. league -- leigh says it's warming up. >> leigh: she is is a terrific gal. we're going to talk about the east coast. it's going to be a cold day there towards the new england area. 49, boston, 52, washington, dc. cold air moving into that part of the country. tuesday and wednesday, and unfortunately another nor'easter is going to set up off the coast and that's going to bring a wave of rain and gusty winds to that area that was hit. so hard by hurricane sandy. so something to keep our eyes on. dallas tomorrow, nice in comparison. 73. phoenix, 90. look for rain for seattle. 61. i tell you, the state of california just looks delightful. it will be mild to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2